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Annie is wonderful and superbly organised and professional – it is sooooo wonderful to open my wardrobes and find all my clothes colour coded and looking so tidy – Annie is also very wise in telling me what to keep and what to get rid of as I am renowned for being a hoarder.

Thank you Annie – you are truly an angel!

Joanna Krygier -

How cluttered are your environments ?  My wife and I agreed that with 4 kids and busy work lives something had to change – we had no time to organise anything.

We decided to get organised and we found the right person to do it – it takes a special gift to do what we needed to do – a person with the knowledge, practical advice and hands-on experience.  It was the best investment for our peace of mind I think we have made for quite some time.

Confidentiality assured, Annie was so good and we were so impressed I had to write this reference for others who like us are too busy to keep up with all of the organising. This is particularly impressive for business owners and corporate people like me who are too busy doing what they do best to be able to declutter and organise the important background admin and life stuff. We are a very happy and unconditionally recommend Annie’s services.

Richard & Caroline Hale -

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Annie is an intelligent, motivated and very hard working professional. 

She does way more than declutter and organise.  She develops systems in your home that work for your lifestyle, and comes up with plans to make your home/office/wardrobe more efficient, tidy and fresh.

She is a gem – no garage is too cluttered, no wardrobe too messy for her.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Christine Conolly