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Don’t let the ‘CLUTTER LANDSLIDE’ bring you down!

Who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands to help clear away clutter and get back on top of mounting piles of paperwork, housework, office work or other jobs around the home or business? Naturally, budgets can be tight and available time short, so it makes sense that people are calling in help as and when needed, instead of hiring full-time or permanent staff.

At 31, single mum Alice found herself stretched to deal with regular chores, running a home-based business and caring for three young children.
When her widower father passed away suddenly, it also left her having to address the seemingly endless job of sorting through his estate. He’d collected rooms full of old newspapers, books, musical instruments, tools, business stock, bric-a-brac, art pieces and much more, and it all had to be dealt with, and his house sold.
Some of his things were of value, some were junk, but it was all taking time to sort through, and ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ – time that Alice just didn’t have. She was spread too thin and it started to affect her health badly.

Forced to look at her options quickly, she happened upon a listing for a professional home organiser to help declutter and streamline what she couldn’t deal with herself. Picking up the phone immediately she made the call – and says she hasn’t looked back since.
Acting as her personal home declutter expert, her ‘miracle worker’ (as Alice came to call her assistant), was able to arrange and sort her father’s items into groups for Alice to decide on keeping, throwing away, selling or giving away … and organised for things to be cleaned, repaired, collected, sold, or disposed of, once Alice gave the go ahead.
Meanwhile, as a business organiser, her personal angel was also providing support for the business from time to time to help declutter the office., so Alice could spend regular quality time with her young girls. Overall, she was able to get on top of a big backlog of tasks that she realised she’d have had no hope of ever completing all by herself.

“It was a Godsend!” said Alice. “I was feeling swamped and didn’t know what to touch first and it was literally making me sick. I just needed someone I could trust to delegate tasks to and someone who could help me sort out the clutter in my life and in my mind, without making me feel judged or hopeless. It was the best choice I ever made, and as it turned out, much of the cost was made back from the proceeds of garage and eBay sales that she organised for me.”

There’s no need to feel ashamed. Many of us feel the overwhelm of coping with demands of life, and this kind of help provides an invaluable support. Men and women needing an extra pair of hands around the home or office are facing their reticence in asking for help and taking leaps and bounds forwards in life as a result.

Rather than waiting until you reach breaking point, making a call to a professional home or business organiser can prove to be a genuine game changer!

Reduce clutter today and call.