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"Annie of An Extra Pair of Hands for You works for me in the capacity as my Executive Assistant - whose
services I utilise in a flexible, responsive way.  One of Annie's many responsibilities is to plan, manage and
co-ordinate my diary - given the demand for my services as an Executive Coach and Management Consultant - this
is a complex challenge which Annie handles superbly, with calm - drawing on her superior organisational skills,
communication skills and experience dealing with people on all levels within an organisation.

Annie is really good at 'picking-up-the-ball-and-running-with-it',
she is confident, professional, reliable, ethical and has excellent attention to detail.

I would be pleased to recommend Annie's Assistant Services."
Glenn Ball - Director - Executive Central -

Quite simply - Annie can change your life!  For anyone who has put off getting organised
and on top of that multi-year 'to do list' that never seems to get done - look no further
than Annie Williams!  No job is too big or small.  Annie has helped us organise
and enhance our home, our office, our files and even our wardrobe.

Annie is hard working, meticulous, trustworthy, creative, resourceful and always
delivers quality results.  I only wish I had found her ten years ago!
  Mary Lemonis - VP Human Resources -

"An Extra Pair of Hands for You did a truly stellar job on our project.  Spanning multiple weeks.  Annie
assisted in sorting out our space, which spreads across three levels and encompasses office space as well
as an engineering workshop and laboratory.  Annie was able to rapidly adapt to the special requirements and
challenges of bringing order to an electronics development office.  Annie gracefully worked with the conflicting
personalities and requirements of our team, and could tailor storage solutions as easily to an individual desk as she
designed systems for shared spaces.  The proof is in the pudding; weeks later and we're maintaining a level of
orderliness we could only have dreamed of before Annie helped us !

I would give An Extra Pair of Hands for You my highest recommendation for flawless professionalism, exceptional
work ethic and deep knowledge of 'stuff-wrangling' processes."
  Elwin Cross - Project Services -

"I flew Annie of An Extra Pair of Hands for You to Melbourne to organise my personal documents and to re-
organise the existing document systems for the business - both 'Systems Projects' needed to be tailored to my
specific requirements.  Confidentiality both in my personal and business life is of paramount importance and I
needed someone I could trust completely.  Annie quickly and efficiently understood and streamlined the
existing systems and created new systems that work for myself and my staff - ensuring that
my business and work environment at home - flow with optimum efficiency.

I have extremely high expectations and Annie achieved,
with excellence, the results I required.

I would unreservedly recommend Annie of An Extra Pair of Hands for You
and can be contacted as below."
David Boggiano - Director - TLD Kitchens -

I engaged Annie Williams, principal of an Extra Pair of Hands for You, to help organize and declutter after a
series of difficult house moves and having possessions in two storage facilities.
I felt daunted by the task ahead and knew I needed help.

  Annie methodically organized the unpacking, storage and/or disposal of clothes, furniture, books, records and
picture hanging, where I had stalled.  She helped me to focus on the job in hand and not be overwhelmed by
everything else to be done.  She was respectful and non-judgemental of my need to retain (probably too many)
    keepsakes. She kept me motivated to achieve good results and left me well on the path to orderliness and tidiness.

Annie is reliable, respectful, honorable and extremely capable - her "can do" attitude is very refreshing.

I know I couldn't have worked through so much on my own and I unhesitatingly recommend Annie's services.
  Caroline Mackie -

"Annie is wonderful and superbly organised and professional - it is sooooo wonderful to open
my wardrobes and find all my clothes colour coded and looking so tidy -  Annie
is also very wise in telling me what to keep and what to get rid of as I am
renowned for being a hoarder.
Thank you Annie - you are truly an angel!"

  Joanna Krygier -

I engaged Annie of An Extra Pair of Hands for You because she came very highly recommended.
As the principal of Lyus LeGal - which provides a unique clerking service to barristers nationally - I am
extremely busy and never seem to have enough time.  Since Annie came and cast her organisational magic
over the home, home office and office I have found that I am even more productive and more focused on
the business and my Clients - because I have more time.  Annie now works for me in a Personal Assistant
capacity - ensuring my list of things that I need to do - actually get done.

Annie is diligent, competent, intelligent, trustworthy, capable and reliable.

I can be contacted on the email below should you wish to discuss further."
  Belinda Lyus - Principal - Lyus LeGal - -

"Annie's Extra Pair of Hands came to the Definity Group to review our current systems in our business and
home offices and co-ordinate and organise records, and create and implement physical and online organisational
protocols accordingly.  As an extremely busy consulting practice with multiple, large-scale projects simultaneously
underway, we require our systems to be extremely well organised.  Given that our time is dedicated to our
Clients, it was valuable having Annie as a resource to review and implement the systems we currently use.

Annie is effective, efficient, reliable and conscientious.

I would be pleased to recommend her services."
Cameron Downing - Director - Definity Group -

"I initially employed Annie of An Extra Pair of Hands for You to organise and streamline the systems for my business - 
which I operate from my home-office.  I then further engaged Annie as my Personal Assistant to assist me in the running
of the business - this includes financial spreadsheets, document preparation, assistance with financial, marketing and
promotional aspects of the business - really every aspect.

Annie is professional, accomplished, capable, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy.

I would definitely recommend Annie's Assistant and Administrative Services."
Christine Zafirellis - Owner - BerryFresh -

"I have been engaging Annie Williams of An Extra Pair of Hands for You for over 2 years and have found the support
  and service to be just brilliant.  Annie has an amazing attention to detail, her attitude and approach to getting the
job done to a high level for me has been exceptional.  I have found Annie to be very respectful and extremely
  trustworthy.  I would recommend Annie for any project and know that you will gain great value from her assistance."
Kimberley Turner -  Chief Executive Officer - Global Risk Alliance

"Annie came to us because her services were highly recommended by one of her Clients.

We run a very busy automotive repairs and service business and our office filing systems needed to be overhauled and
organised into systems where we could easily access all those really important documents - quickly and easily.  Annie went through
some ten years of documents covering all aspects of the business and created and implemented an Archive System and Filing Systems
for the day-to-day running of the business.  This included Front Office, Administration, Finance and the Workshop.

We found Annie to be very methodical, thorough, energetic, hard working and a pleasure to have in the office.

We would definitely recommend Annie's services."
  Gina and Alex Nicolopoulos
- Marrickville Automotive Services (MAS Auto) -

"Annie's heart-felt presence in my home was truly a god-send.  There is no other way to put it!
Let me just start by saying that I'm an extremely private, almost hermit like creature, who finds it hard to
to let anyone in the front door, let alone a complete stranger whom I know is going to go through years of
accumulated debris, treasure, papers, clothing, footwear, tools, toiletries, kitchenware, books and life-stuff!
I was instantly put at my ease upon meeting her and we proceeded through an 8 hour day, hand-in-hand,
in complete harmony, transforming cupboards, drawers, shelves and storage spaces from places I hardly dared
enter, into welcoming havens of sense and order, in the process uncovering items I'd thought lost to me forever!
This is an amazing woman!  Her special brand of creativity upon confronting the unknown is to generate solutions
to problems and place them calmly in front of you with a brimming smile!  I would suggest anyone needing help with
home / life / transformation issues, to bring Annie into the midst of it all and let her loose!  Not only would you find in
her a willing extra pair of hands, but also an open heart and a nimble mind, packed with energy and earnest intent.
I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone and can be contacted on this email."
Tania Kutena -

"We love our new system.  You have revolutionised our lives and our office.  You created an easy system, you
you were systematic and so easy to have in the house.  Our paperwork got out of control and you made it
work again.  I can't thank you enough you haven given us order! (And a room back)."
  Natasha Russo -

"I used the services of An Extra Pair of Hands for You for an extended period of time and found Annie to be extremely
competent, efficient, professional and caring.  Annie was a great communicator and always found a solution for any
job I asked for assistance with.  Her Intelligence, ingenuity and ability to use her initiative were the key reasons I always
had full confidence in her at all times.  I fully recommend An Extra Pair of Hands for You for anyone who wants to get on
  with their life doing what they do best and delegate the other tasks to a person committed to helping others."
Scott Capelin -  Director -  Tan Temple -

"I engaged the services of Annie Williams of An Extra Pair of Hands for You
to create a system specifically tailored to our needs which required a
plethora of complex information which needed to be sorted through and
categorised so it could be easily accessed by any person at any given time.
This system also needed to have within its structure the ability to expand
when required.  I have found that the system has proven itself and am
very happy with the service provided and would highly recommend
An Extra Pair of Hands for You."
Fay Chiotis - Independent Consultant -

"We are writing to say thank you for your assistance with our messes of paper.  We
didn't really have a system and hadn't filed anything in some time. You were able to
get straight in and devise a system that works for us, archiving old files we no longer
use and creating a simple and effective system for ongoing files.  Thank you for all
your help, my husband and I love our new system and it's great that all the filing and
  archiving has been completed!"
Belinda Dalliston - Owner - Dalliston Consulting

"I found Annie from An Extra Pair of Hands for You after googling for literally,
an extra pair of hands.  My job involved a filing nightmare of 4 years worth
of information relating to several different entities and personal items.
Annie came up with a brilliant system for both current and archive materials
and went about putting it into place.  She was systematic, able to work
autonomously and extremely thorough.  I don't think my shredder will ever
be the same, but my office is now a place of calm and order and I am free
to work on all the other bushfires!  Thank you Annie, till next time..."
Penny Clements-Piper

"Annie provides a wonderful service.  She is reliable, trustworthy,
organised and motivated.  She can turn her hand to absolutely
anything, from filing papers to organising renovations
I recommend her very highly indeed."
Dr. Karen Canfell

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